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Billiard Exercise Diary 2014 - Community Edition - Orange

Billiard Exercise Diary 2014 Community Edition, Nothing but the best is good enough for my son!


Latest Updates

What's new in version 20131224

    •    Added a new training method "ONE-CHANCE".
    •    You can group pages. For example, "Warm ups", "Stroke exercise", "Homework".
    •    You can find a page quickly using groups.
    •    "Write report in HTML" now supports user defined exercise groups.
    •    Added a new skill level icon "IN-PROGRESS".
    •    Refactored core software elements for further development.


    •    Good design billiard exercise software
    •    Easy, Quick, and Flexible
    •    For beginners to instructors
    •    Skill tracking and report
    •    Step by Step tutorial "Secrets of Billiard Revealed"


If you are already a good pool player, you'll find out this is one of the most useful training management softwares in the world. If you are a beginner, this will be your good start point to play like pros.
Billiard Exercise Diary supports writing your own exercise pages, like many good players would do with paper and a pen. You can spy your opponent's play, find secrets to improve your skill on Google and Amazon, or listen to good coaches.
Billiard Exercise Diary also supports auto generate pages which enables you to practice standard shots quickly and easily.

To parents, children, and beginners

If you are a beginner(s), we strongly recommend you to find one or more good coaches. A good coach watches your play very carefully, and suggests what you need, at the right time. Nothing can be better than a good coach.
Once you decide the right exercises to do, Billiard Exercise Diary will support your improvement strongly.
No coach ?
Good players usually like to teach. Some good coaches are not a good player.
If you ask, they will teach you.

Billiard Exercise Diary 2014, Community Edition, Orange, Billiard Practice Software

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Tough foot shot from right side rail, billiard exercise diary, Billiard Practice Software

Cool features

    •    For beginners to instructors
    •    Step by Step tutorial "Secrets of Billiard Revealed" (Chapter 1 - 3)
    •    1 page "Quick Starter Guide"
    •    Auto generate standard exercise pages
    •    Make your own custom pages
    •    Configurable user name and skill tracking
    •    Report output (viewable on IE, Chrome, Opera and other browsers)
    •    Automatic data backup when you save the data or exit the application
    •    Selectable 4 colors (black, brown, orange, and pastel blue)

Developer Info has been the leading developer of Smart Phone application, GIS application, and Remote maintenance system. This is the first educational software released by, however the software has been used and tested for 3 years by the leading programmer, to improve his play...

System Requirements

Platform:   Mac OSX / Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Media: Software Download


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