Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Download - Billiard Exercise Diary Trial for Windows(Free)

System Requirements

        Platform:   Windows Vista / 7 (Microsoft Surface will be supported in future releases)

Download (Free)


Before run the application, RIGHT CLICK the downloaded file, and SELECT "Extract All..."

Latest Updates:

What's new in version 20130723
    •    Entirely New Design
    •    Step by Step tutorial "Secrets of Billiard Revealed"
    •    Auto generate exercise pages
    •    Improved support for multiple languages
    •    Bug fixes

Trial Version Limitations:

    •    Color - Only black is available
    •    Report output (HTML) is unavailable
    •    Maximum number of pages is limited to 30
    •    Secrets of Billiard Revealed - Only chapter 1 is available

File Information:

     File size: 4,023,486 bytes      MD5: 0ccf5e707b8fb177f1fbb97a5367b67f
     SHA1: 89902cb87c9b2d6fb20ff8ab2eff970853acab67
     SHA256: db8fbc512d442412599e06626cbf77db850003ab17fc4c355ddee017dbb23696


Julia said...

Thank you Nori !

Charlie said...

I have Microsoft SURFACE, and the application window seems too small !

Unknown said...

> Julia

You're welcome!

Unknown said...

> Charlie

Thank you for your information.
I've confirmed it sure is.

I guess your device is SURFACE Pro (TM),
having very high secreen resolution:
10.6 inches (27 cm) 1920 x 1080 px

Please try to change your screen resolution,
and/or use external display.

Possibly we need to optimize application for SURFACE(TM).

Thank you.

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