Saturday, April 27, 2013

How do professionals practice ?

"Without the advices they gave me, I would have wasted 10 or more years."
(NY, Serious Pool Player, and Billiard Researcher)

"Billiard Exercise Diary" contains a large amount of knowledge
of professional and semiprofessional pool players.

Many of them are very simple and look not very special.


Rz said...

The old version had many pages, and CE(community edition) not. why? Do you know good instruction video or books?

Unknown said...

I know you really are a good player, so my recommendation is:

1. Winning Pocket Billiards by Willie Mosconi [BOOK]
A very famous, and historical billiard book
by a former world pool champion Willie Mosconi.

Maybe almost all things in this book, you know.
Even so, this is worth reading.

Since you are already a good player,
"Copying" good shots in real games is, my best recommendation.

Set all object balls just the same position as in a game,
and try to run-out.

To run-out all object balls, you'll need to practice many "variations".
To review, and to memorize many shots,
Billiard Exercise Diary is very helpful.

You can find many instructional video and shots of professional players easily.
For example,

U. S. Open 9-Ball Championship 2008 Final Match


Good article of my own : )

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